Warning Signs to Note About Your Heat Exchanger

Warning Signs to Note About Your Heat Exchanger

Often you may face trouble with the heat exchanger and may feel that there must be certain issues like cracks being developed in your heat exchanger.

However, do you know what exactly heat exchanger is?

How can you be sure that it has an issue?

Lastly can you do anything about it?

Let us discuss in this small write up, about various warning signs that will tell you that your heat exchanger cleaning and maintenance is necessary immediately and you need to call a professional.

What is heat exchanger?

Heat exchanger is one important part of your furnace which will allow your system to properly heat up the entire air traveling through the ventilation system.

When burners of the furnace will turn on, then they will generate a hot combustion gas which will be collected inside your heat exchanger. Most of the heat exchangers have got clam-shell sets of coils and tubes that loop throughout the interior of your furnace.

Why they crack?

Often your heat exchanger may develop cracks because of its age or high usage. It is quite likely that you must be running your heater all throughout the winter season and your heat exchanger gets heated up and also cools down thousands of times.

Due to this reason, it is quite likely that throughout the single winter, your heat exchanger may just wear out because your furnace system is getting older.

The other reason for cracking is because of poor maintenance. Do you remember when you last got your furnace professionally serviced? If you cannot then chances are that you are at great risk of hurting the heat exchanger.

By skipping annual maintenance for your heat exchanger can surely make it vulnerable to any major issues. With timely maintenance, you can notice various smaller issues before they turn into a major one.

Lack of airflow is another thing that can hurt your heat exchanger. Often dirty air filters may cause reduced airflow in your furnace for not cleaning or replacing the air filters.

This is one of the simplest things that every homeowner can do it easily with their own hands.

Warning signs that you really have a crack

Following are few signs to notice for cracks:

  • Soot inside the furnace

In case, you notice black soot build-up inside the furnace then it is an indication that your furnace is not burning properly due to crack in the heat exchanger.

  • Corrosion

If the external portion of the furnace system begins to show wear and tear then it is a sign that its conditions inside are not better either. You must ensure that no components are cracking.

  • Bad odours

Often bad heat exchanger may emit strong, unpleasant odour because of formaldehyde. Contact service professional if you get bad smell or realize you are getting constant or unusual headache.

Any crack in the heat exchanger can be very dangerous and it can even catch fire and emit carbon monoxide fumes. You should never postpone or delay such matters and ensure that you get in touch with a professional immediately.


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