Learn About the Deadly Adwords Mistakes to Avoid

Learn About the Deadly Adwords Mistakes to Avoid

Google Adwords is a potent digital marketing tool. It can increase your sales. Many beginners take a leap feeling overexcited but go broke. The main reason is that they did not understand how PPC campaign works. They made avoidable errors and lost making a fortune.

PPC or Pay per Click or Google Ads allows driving traffic towards your landing page. Just because many businesses failed to manage their Google ad campaign doesn’t mean you will not succeed.

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You also need to get familiar with the deadly Adwords mistakes capable to make you go broke. Remember, more clicks mean more visitors, quality leads, and conversions. It happens only if you avoid deadly mistakes and learn to create high-converting Google ads.

Mistake 1- Not using the correct keyword match type

Google Ads have 3 categories of keyword match –

  1. Broad match – Ads get displayed regardless of the order of the words in the search string. It means you generate significant clicks, but the majority of them may not be interested to buy. Mention a few targeted words, for example – just phrasing Nike shoes, you can use broad match keywords like blue Nike shoes or brown Nike shoes for men, etc.
  2. Phrase match – It means your ads appear when the search query matches in exact order. For example, if your phrase match keyword is top quality foam beds, then your ad will be displayed before people who type the exact phrase. It can even get displayed in a search query, where to buy top quality foam beds, etc. Here you can enclose your phrase in double quotation marks – ‘top quality foam beds’.
  3. Exact match – Ads get displayed when the exact keyword you target gets typed in the search query. The problem will be the same as the Phrase match. The solution is to enclose keyword within a squared bracket – [top quality foam beds]

Strategically choose the keyword match type. You can combine all three match types and apply cascading bid strategy. Set low bid for broad match and high bid for an exact match. For a phrase match, bid something in between.

Mistake 2 – Not optimizing ad extensions

You can improve your ad using ad extensions like site links, location, and phone. You can set it from your Ads Account >Ad Extension tab. The challenge is to create a high-converting landing page. When visitors land on the page they can easily find the information, they came in search for. Use the right ad extensions

Mistake 3 – Not monitoring profit margins & conversions

It is vital to monitor conversions and profit margins, even when you run an offline business. It helps to enhance your long-term returns, not just short-term gains. Calculate your Google ads campaign profit margin using the simple formula –

[RPC x Margin x Clicks] – [CPC x Clicks]/ Total cost

With an estimated profit margin, you can move your Google Ads campaign towards the winning post.


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